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26th March 2009,

Pilibhit, UP

Varun Gandhi is sentenced to court arrest on his anti-muslim election speech. Allahadad High court has dismisses the request of Varun Gandhi, a BJP candidate for Pilibhit in Uttar Pradesh, on Wednesday. He is going to be arrested for his religious speech against Muslims in Pilibhit on 17th March, 2009. Varun has earlier got anticipatory bail in Supreme Court and it expires on Friday 27th March,2009. So, the Allahabad  High Court has ordered for court arrest to Varun Gandhi.


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17th March 2009,

Pilibhit, UP

Varun Gandhi is a  BJP’s candidate for Pilibhit in Uttar Pradesh. On his election campaign speech in Pilibhit on 17th Mrach 2009, he spoke religiously against Muslims. This has created a great problem to BJP.  Many Indian leaders condemned this action Varun Gandhi. Barkhera Police staion officer has registered a case against Varun Gandhi for his speech that created an intention of seperating people on basis of religion.

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10th March 2009,


44th US president Barack Obamareported to the press in Washington that his administration is unlikely to mediate on Kashmir as it has no calls and values for American involvement. According to latest congresssional report, the 83 page report on ‘India-US relations’ by CRS(Congress Research Service) said that it will not involve external issues and will have its potential friction on Kashmir and Nuclear non-proliferation. For the internal use of US lawmakers, the research wing of US congress(CRS) prepares timely report  regarding India-US relations on various issues.

Hillary Clinton, United States Secretary of State recognise the danger of its involvement over Kashmir issue , which would raise tension between India and Pakistan. She reported that US will continue its involvement in settlement facilitation, but ill remain neutral in mediation as like earlier US administration on Kashmir issue.

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Common Entrance Exams conducted for various Institutions in India are given up to date(8th March 2009) .

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8th March 2009,

Antrim – Northern Ireland

British Policemen were hunting furiously for real IRA(Irish Republican Army) for killing two British soldieras in Antrim on Saturday night. Gunmen fired at the soldiers when they were collecting pizzas at a military base in Antrim , 15 miles northwest of Belfast in Northern Irealand.

An IRA militant called a Dublin-based Sunday Tribune Newspaper to confirm that IRA is responsible for killing two British soldiers on Sturday night near Antrim. The real IRA has not apologied for killing British soldiers and remained British government for ruling Northern Ireland by this terrible attack at the gates of a military base in Antrim.

For more details about the attack on British soldiers by IRA  visit here

For more details about visit of British PM Gordon Brown to the troops of attacked army base visit here

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8th March 2009,

Antrim – Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland , two British soldiers were shot dead on this Saturday night. Irish Republican Army claims responsible for killing British soldiers in Antrim. This drastic incident took place, when the gunmen shot those two British soldiers at a military base near Antrim. The soldiers came to collect pizzas and suddenly the gunmen fired towards the British soldiers. During this brutal attack two British soldiers were killed, four people including two pizza delivery men were heavily injured.

Irish Republican Army attacked British soldiers to oppose British rule in Northern Ireland. This was the first attack killed two British soldiers after 12 years. The shot dead British soldiers were at their 20s, when gunmen fired them as they were collecting pizzas near Antrim, 15 miles northwest of Belfast. Policemen ans several British national politicians severely condemned IRA for its brutal attack on British soldiers in Northern Ireland.

For more details about Police hunt on real IRA  visit here

For more details about visit of British PM Gordon Brown to the troops of attacked army base visit here

Details on the tribute to these two dead soldiersvisit here

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8th March 2009,

New Zealand

Sachin Tendulkar – King of Cricket has scored his 43rd century against New Zealand in the 3rd ODI on 8th March 2009 played at AMI stadium, Christchurch. Sachin scored 163 of 133 balls and gave his voluntary retirement due to abdominal injury in the 45th over of the match. India won the match scoring 392 runs against NZ which lost all its wicket  for 334 runs. However NZ has fired balls from Indian bowlers in the starting of the mtch. But after the loss of McCullum wicket, NZ gradually lost all its wickets and lost the match to India.

Sachin would have made an unbeatable record in the history of cricket if he has not got abdominal injury during the 45th over of the match. Sachin has scored his 91st century in all the international cricket matches. Hope that Tendulkar will get his 100th century and will create an unbreakable and unbelievable his in the world of cricket.India leads NZ in this ODI with 2-0, as the second match was abandoned due to rain. Fans of Sachin all around the world are terribly excited with his latest furious century against New Zealand.

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