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26th March 2009,

Pilibhit, UP

Varun Gandhi is sentenced to court arrest on his anti-muslim election speech. Allahadad High court has dismisses the request of Varun Gandhi, a BJP candidate for Pilibhit in Uttar Pradesh, on Wednesday. He is going to be arrested for his religious speech against Muslims in Pilibhit on 17th March, 2009. Varun has earlier got anticipatory bail in Supreme Court and it expires on Friday 27th March,2009. So, the Allahabad  High Court has ordered for court arrest to Varun Gandhi.


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17th March 2009,

Pilibhit, UP

Varun Gandhi is a  BJP’s candidate for Pilibhit in Uttar Pradesh. On his election campaign speech in Pilibhit on 17th Mrach 2009, he spoke religiously against Muslims. This has created a great problem to BJP.  Many Indian leaders condemned this action Varun Gandhi. Barkhera Police staion officer has registered a case against Varun Gandhi for his speech that created an intention of seperating people on basis of religion.

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10th March 2009,


44th US president Barack Obamareported to the press in Washington that his administration is unlikely to mediate on Kashmir as it has no calls and values for American involvement. According to latest congresssional report, the 83 page report on ‘India-US relations’ by CRS(Congress Research Service) said that it will not involve external issues and will have its potential friction on Kashmir and Nuclear non-proliferation. For the internal use of US lawmakers, the research wing of US congress(CRS) prepares timely report  regarding India-US relations on various issues.

Hillary Clinton, United States Secretary of State recognise the danger of its involvement over Kashmir issue , which would raise tension between India and Pakistan. She reported that US will continue its involvement in settlement facilitation, but ill remain neutral in mediation as like earlier US administration on Kashmir issue.

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6th March 2009,


Chidambaram, Home Minister of India condemns Pakistan  for having zero infrastructure to terrorism and has to dismantle the Pakistan government for no tolerance to terrorist attacks. He reportes to the press that truth is disclosed through this attack on Sri Lankan Cricket team  players in 3rd March in Lahore. This incident proves that Pakistan is not a secured country for its own country people. So Pakistan has to be declared as a terrorist country having zero security for those its own citizens and foreigners entering the country.

Chidambaram has also reported that without any proof,  Pakistan blames India for the terrorist attack to change the situation and views of the world countries over Pakistan. Pakistan is no more safe to anyone and one who wants blood over his hands can enter this terrorist country said Home Minister of India. Pakistan tries to change the scenary of terrorist attack in Lahore towards India by reported that India is responsible for this brutal attack on Sri Lankan cricket team. But it has no evidence and can’t have evidence to tie India with this terrorist attack. He also condemned that Pakistan will face critical problems, if it continues its false blaming over India.

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6th March 2009,


North Korea threata South Korea to stop flying  its commercial airlines over the airspace of  neighbour communist country South Korea. World’s biggest market value Singapore Airlines reported its support to South Korea Airlines against the threat of its North counterpart.North Korea plans to launch its long range Taepodong-2 missile and it says that cannot guarente any safety to South Korea’s commercial airflights off the east coast of the peninsula, as this place remains as the base location for launching missile. Nothe Korea said the missile program is to the country’s development for peaceful purposes. However South Korea replies that the see no diference in this missile program as they use same technology and same rocket for satellite and missile launch programs.

South Korea’s unification Ministry Spokesman Kim Ho-nyeon reported to the media that threatening civil airlines to fly over its base is not only against the rules of airlines, but also against humanity. Kim also said threaten announcement against South Korea Airlines and Asiana Airlines by North Korea has been immediately notified.Japan Airlines, Air China and All Nippon Airlines said that there will no change in the schedule and paths of their airlines.

For more details on N Korea condemning US, Japan and South Korea – visit here

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On 3rd March 2009, terrorists attacked Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore . All the countries condemned this brutal act of terrorists. 2011  World Cup Cricket was expected to be played  in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh ans Sri Lanka. But due to this terrorists attack on Lankan Cricket Team ICC(International Cricket Council) has declared not to play any of the World Cup matches in Pakistan on security reasons. ICC President David Morgan has condemned the Tuesday attack on Cricket players in Lahore and informed that Pakistan will not host any World Cup matches in its soil due to improper security problems for the players and cricket loving audience  throughout the World.

As eight policemen has died and many injured during the fight with the masked gunmen in Lahore, ICC reports that it would a great difficult for them to accept that Pakistan is safe for conducting International Cricket and ICC board has planned to declare the result of this issue during their meeting with India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka around mid-April 2009 in Dubai.

To know more details about the terrorists attack in Lahore: visit here

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3rd March 2009, Washington

Barack Obama, President of United States of America stated that US Missile Defense System planned to be launched in Eastern Europe is directed only towards Iran and not Russia. Obama replied his Russian counterpart that reducing Iran’s commitment to nuclear development will reduce the need for defense system.  Obama reported a joint press in Washington that defense system is aimed at lessening nuclear weapon development of Iran and has nothing to interfer with Russia.

The President of US also stated that British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is on his working visit to Washington. Obama finalised the need for defense system in Eastern Europe is safeguard the country from Iran’s  nuclear weapon development policy.

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