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8th March 2009,

Antrim – Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland , two British soldiers were shot dead on this Saturday night. Irish Republican Army claims responsible for killing British soldiers in Antrim. This drastic incident took place, when the gunmen shot those two British soldiers at a military base near Antrim. The soldiers came to collect pizzas and suddenly the gunmen fired towards the British soldiers. During this brutal attack two British soldiers were killed, four people including two pizza delivery men were heavily injured.

Irish Republican Army attacked British soldiers to oppose British rule in Northern Ireland. This was the first attack killed two British soldiers after 12 years. The shot dead British soldiers were at their 20s, when gunmen fired them as they were collecting pizzas near Antrim, 15 miles northwest of Belfast. Policemen ans several British national politicians severely condemned IRA for its brutal attack on British soldiers in Northern Ireland.

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