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On 20th February 2009, An earthquake Bumped parts of Indian Kashmir and Pakistan. But fortunately no casualties were reported due to this earthquake. This earthquake on the most parts of Kashmir was experienced on this Friday at 10:30am IST.

Earthquake hit the tremor at 5.4 magnitude and 51 miles (82-km) west of Srinagar( summer capital of Indian Kashmir) got the epicenter of this earthquake on Jammu Kashmir. Director General Qamar-uz-Zaman Chaudhry said that 5.8 magnitude is the reading given by Pakistan’s meteorological department.
Earlier in the year 2005, most part of northern Pakistan and Kashmir are jolted by a heavy earthquake (7.6 magnitude), which killed 75,000 people and caused a terrific damage in most of these places.

Sketch of Earthquake
Distance:     90 km (55 miles) W of Srinagar, Kashmir
95 km (60 miles) NE of ISLAMABAD, Pakistan
145 km (90 miles) N of Jhelum, Pakistan
700 km (435 miles) NNW of NEW DELHI, Delhi, India

Location:     34.249°N, 73.853°E

Parameters:   NST= 85, Nph= 85, Dmin=934.2 km, Rmss=0.93 sec,                                     Gp= 76°, M-type=body magnitude (Mb), Version=7


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Snowfall in England, Feb 09

Snowfall across Great Britain and Ireland began on 1st February 2009. After 18 years Europe experienced such a great snowfall. London buses were stopped from service on 2nd February. All railway services between London, Kent and East Sussex are cancelled by Southeastern railways. Departures of flights in Britain were cancelled by British Airways. The roads seem to be deserted everywhere and the storm caused a great trouble for Europeans to lead their day to day life.Most of the schools and various educational institutions are closed.

Southern England experienced a great flood and heavy rain on 10th February. Heathrow Airport has been closed causing a great traffic to Airways and its passengers. Snowfalls completely closed Dublin Airport in Ireland. The heavy storm caused major accidents in both England and Ireland, which led to many casualties and injuries of public. People struggle a lot to survive and are challenged to lead to normal life.The govtment does its most to rescue the people affected by this heavy flood , storm and snowfall. However, the natural calamities cant be stopped.

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