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7th March 2009,

New York

Microsoft – The largest Software Company in the World is about to launch its latest Operating System “WINDOWS 7” which will replace the unpopular Windows Vista early next year. The users can turn- ff and turn-on Internet Explorer 8(IE 8), Windows Media Player and other important host programs of Microsoft Corporation in their new Operating System. But the software will remain installed in the system and the users can switch the browser to their needs and can easily use their favourite browsers. Windows 7 will overcome all the problems from the earlier Vista and will be user friendly and will help users to remove any traces of Internet Explorer in the system and however the software will remain installed in the system.

Google Inc which lauched its browser Gooogle Chrome by last month protests along with Norway’s Opera – Producer of  Opera Browser and Mozilla Corporation – Producer of Firefox Web Browser against  Microsoft’s domination in browser. As the Microsoft Corporation forces the Windows users to use their IE brower, 95% of personal computers use Internet Explorer as thier default browser. Earlier in the last decade, both European and American antitrust regulators have charged Microsoft Corporation for using its own key words in Microsoft Operating System. Formal charge has been made in January by European regulators on Microsoft Corporation for abusing its dominant market in browser by bundling its Internet Explorer browser with Windows Operating System.



7th March 2009,


A suicide bomb blast has occured in Peshawar, a city in northwestern part of Pakistan. Around 8 people including 7 policemen were killed during this blast in Badhber area of Peshawar, a capital city in northwest frontier province and the city is located near the border of Afghanistan. The  suicide attacker has blew himself near a police check post and the injured are taken to hospital for treatment. Police officers are in a wild hunt throughout the area of bomb blast and involved in various rescue efforts over the blasted police check post.

This is the second brutal attack by terrorists in Pakistan. Earlier, 0n 3rd March 2009 near Gaddafi Cricket Stadium in the city of Lahore, Sri Lankan Cricket Players were attacked by masked unknown gunmen which killed 6 policemen and injured 6 Sri Lankan Cricketers. Before recovering from that terrible attack, Pakistan got more pressure by the secon terrorist attack in it soil.


6th March 2009,


Chidambaram, Home Minister of India condemns Pakistan  for having zero infrastructure to terrorism and has to dismantle the Pakistan government for no tolerance to terrorist attacks. He reportes to the press that truth is disclosed through this attack on Sri Lankan Cricket team  players in 3rd March in Lahore. This incident proves that Pakistan is not a secured country for its own country people. So Pakistan has to be declared as a terrorist country having zero security for those its own citizens and foreigners entering the country.

Chidambaram has also reported that without any proof,  Pakistan blames India for the terrorist attack to change the situation and views of the world countries over Pakistan. Pakistan is no more safe to anyone and one who wants blood over his hands can enter this terrorist country said Home Minister of India. Pakistan tries to change the scenary of terrorist attack in Lahore towards India by reported that India is responsible for this brutal attack on Sri Lankan cricket team. But it has no evidence and can’t have evidence to tie India with this terrorist attack. He also condemned that Pakistan will face critical problems, if it continues its false blaming over India.


6th March 2009,


North Korea threata South Korea to stop flying  its commercial airlines over the airspace of  neighbour communist country South Korea. World’s biggest market value Singapore Airlines reported its support to South Korea Airlines against the threat of its North counterpart.North Korea plans to launch its long range Taepodong-2 missile and it says that cannot guarente any safety to South Korea’s commercial airflights off the east coast of the peninsula, as this place remains as the base location for launching missile. Nothe Korea said the missile program is to the country’s development for peaceful purposes. However South Korea replies that the see no diference in this missile program as they use same technology and same rocket for satellite and missile launch programs.

South Korea’s unification Ministry Spokesman Kim Ho-nyeon reported to the media that threatening civil airlines to fly over its base is not only against the rules of airlines, but also against humanity. Kim also said threaten announcement against South Korea Airlines and Asiana Airlines by North Korea has been immediately notified.Japan Airlines, Air China and All Nippon Airlines said that there will no change in the schedule and paths of their airlines.

For more details on N Korea condemning US, Japan and South Korea – visit here


6th March 2009,


Second ODI between India and Newzealand has been abandoned due to rain. In the first ODI India lost the match against NZ on 3rd March in McLean Park, Napier. India won the toss in this 2nd ODI and batted first, but the match was stopped due to rain in Wellington.

Scoreboard of 2nd ODI:


V Shewag – 54 of 36 balls

Sachin Tendulkar – 61 of 69

Gautam Gambir – 30 of 36

Yuvraj Singh – o of 4

MS Dhoni – 23 of 19

SK Raina – 13 of 8

Extras – 7

Wickets – 4 for 28.4 overs

Total – 188


5th March 2009,


KING OF POP – Michael Jackson has announced of his comeback on Thursday, which he calls it as “final curtain call”. He reported to his die hard fans around the world that he would perform ten days stage show having a large arena over 20,000 capacity in London starting on 8th July. The show is about to take place at 02 in Greenwich, southeast London. He has planned to wear military-style black jacket decorated with silver sequins in his favourite own style of costume. Behind a pair of dark glasses, Jackson said “Thank you all…..this is it”. This 10 day concert will mark the 25th anniversary of his great and ever best sold album “Thriller”. He reported that this would be his final stage show in London. Jackson is the biggest pop star of all time and so called as King of Pop Stars by his fans.

Jackson released his last album “Invincible” in the year 2001. There were many rumours  about this 50 yera old pop star over his medical problems and got himself under the child abuse case in 2005 which has challenged a remark on his image and respect among his fans around the world. However, the pop star is about to give a great comeback after many years which will drag all his fans to the ocean of joy. So , you DANGEROUS guys….just BEAT IT.

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5th March 2009

United States of America

You Tube is a cheap entertainment through internet services. Viewers can watch each and every kind of videos in this site. The rare videos of any time can be seen through You Tube and this entertainment has updated data everytime. Due to economic recession in US and all around the world, this entertainment gained its importance from its customers. Industry tracker comScore reported that a Google-owned site has topped 100 million US viewers in a single month(January 2009).

Internet users in US are 147 million and each one have appropriately watched 101 videos in January and duration of videos watched by each viewera in US is around 6 hous. Overall videos watched by US internet users have crossed 6 billion in a month. In online video market share competition, You Tube holds first position with 43% online share and MySpace hold second position with 4.3% online share. The